Total Relationship Mastery
6 Month Tailored All-Inclusive Coaching Program

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Happy Couple

Couples Coaching 

What makes a relationship thrive is its foundation. Without it, the house falls. Healing and repairing the foundation and the often difficult emotions surrounding it, can make you feel discouraged and overwhelmed. 

You get to have a fun, warm, secure love (while achieving your goals) without sacrificing your relationship or yourself. A brighter, better, stronger relationship and future's available for you right now. 

One person alone can change an entire relationship. Two? That's dynamite.


It starts with making the decision to be all-in for yourself and the love you want.

The Experience


We work together for 6 months, both individually and together. The first part of our work is to kick off the process of healing and repairing old issues, current frustrations, and patch up cracks in the foundation.


This is done through mindset coaching using state-of-the-art tools to show you how you've accidentally created the old way of loving and teach you to do it the way you really want for lasting change


The second part of our work is where the party begins. Along with weekly coaching sessions, I surprise you with special outings (coordinated in advance) all planned out on your behalf - where you do zero of the thinking - and all of the enjoying.


I plan out every detail.

You show up and enjoy.  

This second half of the experience aims to elevate "date nights" to bring back the connection, sex, and fun. The pure JOY of being in each other's company. This piggybacks your mindset coaching to provide an all-around relationship reboot and helps reinvigorate the love you have for each other. 

It's everything you never thought you needed. It's total relationship mastery. 

The Details


Total Relationship Mastery is a four-figure investment* and includes:
 *6 months of weekly 1-hr sessions (or 24 sessions) on Zoom
 *Enneagram Typing session
 *Enneagram Deep Dive for real-time application ​      
 *Specially planned, surprise "date day/night" outings to help spark  the newly built foundation. All you do is show up and enjoy. 
 *Access to me by email in between sessions for additional                  support
*Pay in full and payment plans accepted.
No matter what your brain might offer up, your marriage has limitless potential to be extraordinary. Elevated to a place you didn't think possible.
No matter the years you've been together, what you've been through, or if this is your fifth marriage...
It only takes one powerful insight (or coaching session) to help shift the entire foundation of your marriage; to make it stronger, better, and freshly healed. 
In 6 months, your marriage is capable of doing a complete 180 - rebooting the JOY that creates magic in your life.
New Love. Fresh Perspective. Same Couple. 
It's time for a brand new marriage.