Jaded to Liberated
3 Month Coaching Program

Video call
Urban Life

Coaching for Single Women

You feel successful in other areas of your life and love is a mystery, feeling you somehow sabotage things or lack the “missing piece” to a thriving relationship.⁠

I was YOU. That feeling absolutely sucks; to put on this display that you’re fine - but you go home and you’re…kind of sad. ⁠

There IS something better, there IS more. There's no secret pill that people take for a great relationship; there are just some things in your mind that need to be cleaned up. ⁠

I’m the jaded single woman’s liberator. I’m here to help you release the invisible chains binding you to a life of mediocrity, where you watch romantic movies to taste what it might be like - then you go to bed alone. Again. Or worse, you push it all away and build a wall between yourself and what’s possible.⁠

Within 3 months, you'll go from jaded to liberated... ⁠

On YOUR terms, where your love is an addition to your already well-established, wonderful life. You get to feel grounded, supported, loved, respected - KNOWING that you have your own back - no matter what. 


Jaded to Liberated is a $5,000 USD* investment and includes:
          3 months of weekly 1-hr sessions (or 12 sessions) on Zoom
          Enneagram Typing session
            Enneagram Deep Dive for real-time application 
         Access to me by email in between sessions for additional                    support
         Mindset coaching using state-of-the-art coaching tools to                  show you how you’ve accidentally created the old way of loving          and teach you to do it the way you really want. ⁠
*Pay in Full 5% off or monthly payments at no additional charge.
For starters, I get to know YOU. I learn about your past and your present, and together we create your future. 
You get ready and excited (actually excited!!) to get out there and receive the love that’s been waiting for you all along. ⁠