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Individual Coaching 
3 Month Coaching Program

Thinking Man on Couch
Sad on Couch

Coaching Individuals

This program is for individuals in a relationship or marriage unsure whether they should stay together or leave - as well as - those who'd like additional support working on their own mindset and emotions to show up as their best selves within their relationship.

I was in this space most of my adult life, so I know the feeling of doubt, worry, confusion, and sadness all too well. 


What I want you to know is that this is a moment - a chapter - in the overall story of your life and marriage. 

Some couples aren't meant to last. The ones that do? They go through everything meant to break them apart - only to come out stronger and better.

There's no secret pill to take for a great relationship; only the willingness to see the truth of what you want.

I’m the coach who's been through it and back. To a marriage that grows stronger every year because of the foundation we've built thanks to coaching. 

Within 3 months, you'll be on the clearest path to know what to do. You'll stop doubting and blaming.


You'll take ownership for what's happened to create something better - with or without them. 


* 3 months of weekly 1-hr sessions (or 12 sessions) on Zoom
* Enneagram Typing session
Enneagram Deep Dive for real-time application 
* Access to me by email in between sessions for additional                    support
* Mindset coaching using state-of-the-art coaching tools to                  show you how you’ve accidentally created the old way of loving          and teach you to do it the way you really want. ⁠​
You get ready and excited to grab control of the reins in your relationship and life. There's nothing better. 
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