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The Helper


Type 2s are the helpers, the caring, interpersonal types. You are generous, definite people-pleasers, empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted.

Some famous Type 2s include Mother Teresa (which makes perfect sense for the "helper") - always serving and helping others, Nancy Reagan, Cathy Gifford, Richard Simmons, Stevie Wonder, Barry Manalo, and Dolly Parton.

Type 2s are also very intuitive people with highly developed interpersonal skills who need to work in positions where there's a lot of people.

You are usually the ones that begin a conversation by asking how the other person is doing. By your friends/family, you're considered the "good parent" everyone wishes they had! This is because we all wish we had a parent that would see us just as we are, someone who can relate to us, who are compassionate towards us, that really encourages and helps and inspires us.

As wonderful as Type 2s can be, there's always the flipside of the coin! Sometimes, 2s can be a little manipulative and self-serving - but not in a nasty, purposeful way - they just really, really want to be loved at the end of the day.

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Group Meeting


Type 2s need to be motivated and they need to be energized to keep their focus to work at the top of their level - and the best way to do this is to have Type 2s be surrounded by people in a leadership position, as they love to be helpful and accomplish goals.

Type 2s need human interaction as part of their job. They are a successful group of people because they usually lead a group of people, know how to speak to people, know how to communicate, and they know how to engage.

At the same time, Type 2s are very sympathetic. They listen to you and understand where you're coming from. When managing staff, they speak in a serving, helpful way, which helps build tight-knit relationships.


Some of the jobs commonly held include non-profit leaders, nurses, counselors, teachers, HR managers, humanitarians, and customer service. Type 2s excel in these positions because they are fantastic networkers.

Sometimes 2s forget about themselves and don't ask for what they job - which can hinder their abiiltes to ask and get a promotion or nail a job interview. Type 2s need to speak to their employer about a raise the moment they feel it and as for their value and contribution to the company. It's very easy for a 2 to settle or to take a step back and allow someone else to get ahead. It's important to not neglect yourself and 2s must point out they should be compensated for all they do.


If you're going for a job interview, make sure you have questions yourself that you want to ask. Make sure that the value that you have to offer is going to be aligned with the job position. Go in there and make sure you'll get back what it is that you're putting out. If you're already employed and want a promotion, you are most likely already in a position of leadership so your company knows your value. Make sure you are recognized for your communication skills, for your empathy, for your ability to understand, and be compassionate with others. Make sure your value is appreciated.

Some final's so important that you feel valued in all parts of your life and friendships with family and coworkers are no exception. If someone asks how you're doing, don't turn it around to put the focus and the attention solely on the other person. Be aware and engage and let that person in as to what's going on in your life. This will help create true relationships with others and letting your guard down will make you more inviting and help put your anxiety of not being loved or accepted to rest.


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