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Enneagram Type 1 - Realistic/Idealistic Personalities


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The basic foundation of a Type 1 is that you are ethical and have a strong strong sense of what's wrong and what's right. It is like this deep conviction within you to uphold certain standards for yourself, and then you also expect to have that be upheld in your own families.

You love to be organized. You're sensitive, although you don't show emotions easily, and you really do love to advocate well for change. Type 1's biggest fear is of being corrupt or evil, and your biggest desire is to be good and to have integrity.

You want the world to be good, you want everyone around you to be good because in your eyes, that is what leads to a healthy and sustainable future. Some of the commonly known Type 1s include Michelle Obama, Prince Charles, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford, and you know who else... Mary Poppins! If that is not the most perfect example of a Type 1, I don't know what else!

At your best, you are realistic and know what actions have to be taken at all times. You're also striving to be rational and reasonable - be it morally, politically, religiously, and so you have a very deep conviction to put yourself out there and have others see you as the forefront and as a leader in change, democracy or faith.

You have all these strengths maxed out, so at your worst, you love to do the right thing all the time and hold others at that same level, which means you can come off as being self-righteous, arrogant, or a know-it-all.

These traits can really be a hindrance to your career in terms of communicating with other people. You are probably a very good teacher/leader, but you can't expect others to change immediately according to your beliefs. You are right most of the time, yet still, need to give others space and the time to come around to your ideas.

Type 1s are people of instinct and passion who use convictions and judgments to control and direct themselves and their action.


What careers do Type 1s usually excel in? Being lawyers, judges, politicians, doctors, obviously teachers, mathematicians, social workers, counselors, and detectives. What do these jobs of have in common?

Problem-solving - And here is the important part..because they usually know what is best! You have a mission to help others and the world, and as long as you can focus your strengths in the right position, you're going to just knock it out of the ballpark!

Your number one strength to put forward in a job interview or on your resume or even in your networking when you're talking to people on LinkedIn, is your strong sense of community and of wanting to implement the best procedures.

You have to think specifically about what an employer wants from you. What can you give them? You can give them your strength of self-discipline, your strength of wanting your workspace to be the best place someone can work in. You really want to be a leader in your department because that is your strong suit, so you need to advocate the way you advocate for your moral beliefs, your political views, and anything else that you've got going on in your life, that's the same way you need to look at your job.

At the interview, online, on the resume - always lead from a place of kind authority. Tell them that leading the company in the right direction is because you are organized and highly self-disciplined. You will encourage staff and others around you to be morally and ethically correct.

With these positive trait adjustments utilizing and pushing forward your ability to do good for this world, there is no doubt that you will hold high positions in your career!

Next up??? Type 2 - The Caring/Interpersonal Type! This will be an interesting one!

Stay Tuned!


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