The 4 Things Couples REALLY argue about.

We think it's the every day stuff or that ONE major argument from three years ago. ⁠

Truth is, there are situations that we argue over - but what you're REALLY upset about is how that person or situation make you feel...⁠

- unheard⁠

- alone⁠

- disrespected⁠

- unloved ⁠

If you think of all the times you've been really upset, most likely you felt one of the above. ⁠

How do you get through the argument easier? By noticing which one you feel and then telling them.⁠

Try: I feel unheard when I explain why I'm angry. ⁠

Try: When you do XYZ it makes me feel alone because you don't have my back.⁠

Using these specific words helps shine a light on how you're FEELING versus words of anger or blame. ⁠

The more you're able to incorporate this, the better your communication will be and the easier you'll move through disagreements. ⁠

Try it out!⁠ You'll get the hang of it soon enough.

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