There's nothing better than a happy Home <3

It trumps fancy vacations. Presents. Luxury.

The feeling of peace and safety in a world that can be so unpredictable, in a job that can run you to the ground.

When friends don't come through or the stock market crashes.

Home really is where your heart is and if your home right now isn't exactly how you want, know you can turn it around.

You don't have to let it go. You also don't have to roll over.

Creating a home that's as happy as you want it includes working through the hard conversations. Letting yourself be heard and listening when they have something to say.

It's not always roses and daisies, but it's always your home if you keep it together.

Today enjoy who you have and what you've built.

Love them.

Love the life you created.

xo, Natalia

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